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Andres Martin Del Campo

Andres Martin del Campo was born in Guadalajara, one of the great cultural centers of Mexico. He is known primarily for his intricately cut metal art. Andres and his skilled artisans also employ fiberglass, resin, and other materials. Horses, birds, trees, southwestern, modern… Andres does it all, drawing inspiration from his country ranch and wide-ranging travel. He and his group of painters, welders and sculptors have been perfecting their craft for years, designing new, more elaborate pieces almost daily.

Highly skilled welders and artisans use a laser to cut through the metal, freehand, guided only by a roughly drawn sketch on the bare metal. Others then pull, shape and pound the metal, giving the piece its distinctive, semi-3D look. Welders add rods and wire to hold everything together securely before the painters do their magic.

Andres develops and finds the paints and techniques required for each piece, and then teaches that to his special group of painters. They apply layer upon layer of paints, blending a rainbow of colors into what you see here. 

Constant evolution is a defining characteristic Andres has mastered on his artistic journey. His art is ever evolving, incorporating what he learns into what he already knows to create something different and exciting.

He began building frames around his pieces, forcing you to look at them as metal art paintings, not just a curious little houseware souvenir. It elevated and showcased the skilled artistry behind them.

Incorporating his skill as a sculptor was the next big step. After months and dozens of different recipes, Andres developed a fiberglass and resin concoction that would properly adhere to metal, provide the level of detail required, and would be durable enough to allow a piece to be displayed in virtually any installation.

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